Volunteer Openings Membership Librarian
Chapter Function Membership
Role Description 1. Create material for the membership table. This may ideas that you come up with or may include:

A) ATD Power Member Brochures that we obtain from ATD in Virginia

B) Schedule of events for the upcoming months

C) Benefits of membership booklets

2. Work with Marketing and Communications on who creates what

3. Supply materials for the Membership Table volunteer

Note: Basically volunteer's initial effort could be 2-5 hours, each month thereafter 1 hour a month to check stock, reprint/reorder
Experience Req.
Time Expected 2-5 hours a month
Benefits 1. Volunteer will get to meet people which allows for easier networking with them again later

2. Volunteer will expand hir (or her) hospitality and sales skillset as you try to get non-members to become members